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Custom Skating Club Wear

Custom Skating Club Wear

High-Quality Apparel. High-Performance Club Pride.

Our club wear programme is designed to give clubs - big and small - the opportunity to source a catalogue of quality made products at competitive prices from a trusted source. Members will be able to proudly display their club/team logo and colours at competitions, training sessions, or as casual wear, creating a sense of unity within your skating club.

Skate with your team — and skate with pride. Figure Skating Boutique proudly supports skating clubs across North America with our club wear program. Show your pride in skating apparel made for your team, proudly displaying your logo and colours. From everyday training to competition day, skate with team spirit in high-quality apparel made for high-endurance, high-performance skating.

About Our Club Programmes


The Figure Skating Boutique is proud to offer high quality products at competitive prices. When you purchase through our Club Wear Programme, you will save 25% off retail price on essential skating apparel (jackets and pants). We also offer a wide range of skating accessories including tights, blade covers, and skate guards at competitive prices when ordered in large quantities. Each order must be a minimum of 9 items (of an identical product) to qualify.

Embroidery Services

The Figure Skating Boutique’s programme offers the opportunity for clubs/teams to stand out. Everything is customized for your club or team. Our Mondor jackets and pants listed in our Club Wear Programme Package can be customized with your club logo, team name, and the skater’s name.

Embroidery Pricing

One-Time Embroidery Set-Up Fee: $50.00
Back Logo: $20.00
Chest Logo (Left or Right): $12.00
Name (Left or Right): $10.00

How to Order

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Contact us for jackets samples that you can use to determine the correct size for each and every member.
  2. Select and approve embroidery sample (mock ups will be done digitally and then sent to you for approval).
  3. Create a report listing member’s name, size and confirmation that the member has tried on the jacket to verify size.

To order or obtain more information call us at 1 (877) 236 – 1377 or email us at

Unbeatable Savings and Skating Experiences

Made for Clubs and Competitions. Designed to Last.

Get all your skating essentials customized with club pride and team spirit. From training jackets and pants, to costumes and accessories, we craft and embroider apparel with your club’s logo and each skater’s name. Enjoy unbeatable savings on skating essentials such as tights, guards, and gloves, for a high-performance quality figure skating performance every time.

Have Questions?

With over 20 years of expertise in the figure skating industry, we are committed to getting you the right fit. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, we're here to help.