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What you wear on the ice is just as important as the skills you’re honing. From practice to performance, trusted skating apparel makes all the difference in higher jumps, smoother landings, and flawless sequences. Skate like a champ — in figure skating apparel by brands skaters know and trust.

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High-Performance. Ultra-Comfortable.

At Figure Skating Boutique, we’re proud to bring all your skating essentials. Whether for recreation or beginner learning, or competitive training and world championships, we offer an expert selection of tried-and-tested apparel by the world’s leading brands. Trust our skate consultants for high-performance, high-endurance wear. Skate in flexible, high-quality fabrics, with shape and control features, inclusive sizing and skin tones, and moisture absorption and temperature control.

Our Skating Apparel Brands

Browse one of North America’s largest collection of figure skating dresses, jackets, bodysuits, shirts, pants, skirts, activewear, and more. Jump higher, spin faster, and move gracefully across the ice in stunning, innovative designs in perfect harmony with your routine. Look, feel, and skate your best. Start with the right brand.

  • Jerry’s Figure Skating

    Worn by figure skaters around the globe, Jerry’s offers a large variety of premium fabrics, styles, and designs, with trademark superior craftsmanship. Dazzle your way to a podium finish in the best of fabric technology and beautiful designs.

  • ChloeNoel

    The global leader in figure skating apparel, ChloeNoel provides all your training activewear and competition costumes. With its signature snug-fit construction, high-quality fabric selection, moisture and odour resistance, and unparalleled flexibility, enjoy years of durable, high-performance wear, from practice to podium finish.

  • Mondor

    Made in North America, for the Canadian skater, Mondor offers the best value for genuine craftsmanship and skating innovation at the most affordable prices. Get great value in high-quality skating apparel designed for all-around comfort and flexibility, but without the price tag.

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